Mineral BB Foundation TANNED - 50ml


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Product Code: MBBT50F

Choose: BB Tanned for medium to tanned skin types or BB Fair for "very pale skin.

Suitable for all skin types, dry/ sensitive or Oily Acne prone Skins

NORMAL RRP: $ 69.00

Skin O2 Mineral BB Liquid Foundation has a much heavier coverage than standard BB Cream. Contains hyaluronic acid and plant extracts and incorporated the latest stem cell technology to helps balance and soothe your skin as you wear it.

Helps even skin tone and minimise age spots. Best of all it aids in recovery and natural mineral sun protection of skin after laser, peels or cosmetic treatments

* Skin O2 Miineral Primer can be used to mix in with your BB Foundation to tone up or down the colour shade as required.
* Unsure of which foundation shade is right for you? Try purchasing our BB samples. Or better yet, get our Mineral Makeup Sample Bag to try all of our makeup and see which colours suits you best. Darker Shades can be used for contouring or those which is too light for highlighting. It's great value for money!