Matte Liquid Lipstick Box Set of 6


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Matte Liquid lipstick - Box of 6 NT WT: 39g/ 16 oz
Product Code: MMLMBX

Can be purchased individually at $39.95 each or in this Best Value Boxed set of 6 for RRP $89.00 and save over $150.00

Reveal the elegance of timeless glamour and effortless beauty with Skin O2’s astounding collection of matte liquid lipsticks- -inspired by the bold colours of the vast Arabian Desert. Smother those lips with long lasting and revolutionary lipsticks.

Matte Liquid Lipstick Colours:

• Lady Jay #1 (Red)
• True Brown #2 (Dark Brown)
• Kiki #3 (Nude Plum)
• Candy #4 (Nude Pink)
• Sheikha #5 (Royal Purple)
• Dhabi #6 (Nude Beige)

Our lippies are:

• Vegan
• Cruelty Free

Tip: Before application, make sure your lips are bare, dry, and perfectly exfoliated to achieve the smoothest finish. These matte lippies are best-stored upright. Avoid oily food. To exfoliate we recommend Skin O2 Micro Cream and to treat and moisturize lips try Skin O2 Multivit.