Mineral Powder Palette


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Skin O2 Mineral Contour Powder Palette
Product Code: MMTPH

NORMAL RRP: $140.00

Master the art of contouring with three simple techniques + keep your skin fresh clean and clear with this luxury vanity palette.

* Define cheekbones to sculpt and chisel your appearance.
* Slim face to slenderize features and define jawline.
* Shape nose to taper and balance your silhouette.
* Open up and lift your eyes
* Reduce oil and shine
* Suits all skin colours and types

Beauty Tip:
- Use dark shade powders to create shadows and recede facial features and the light powders to highlight and enhance.
- Use blush/bronzer - on lips, eyes and cheeks for an on fleek glow!
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Palette includes:
* Kabuki Brush
* Mineral makeup powder in: Caramel, Sand, Mocha and SHeer
* Mineral blushes in shades: Peach, Blosson and Plum
* Mineral Bronzer: Glo

With this palette you can buy great value refills so you save more $$$$ & care more for our environment.

280mm L x 150mm W
23mm high at front
65mm high at back